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Entegra Health is a massage clinic in Carlton, Melbourne providing remedial massage, myotherapy, cupping, deep tissue massage, sports massage and hot stones massage. All of our therapists are highly qualified and registered with all major health funds. We believe in providing you with high quality, individualised care and empowering you with home exercise and stretches to manage your own physical health and wellbeing.


February 27, 2020

Great experience at Entegra with a relaxation massage and my first experience with cupping. Rani was so welcoming and friendly. I will definitely be booking again. Highly recommend. -

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Massage | The Benefits

All of our massage services provide a great way to calm the nerves and relax, remedial massage however has many more benefits than just relaxation. Remedial massage is a manual therapy that is focused on treating pain and dysfunction but can also be used as a preventative option for ongoing care.

“Remedial massage is a holistic massage therapy that involves the assessment, analysis, and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions and injuries.”

Remedial massage is different from many other forms of manual therapy because it uses a systematic approach to treat various muscle and soft tissue problems. Therapists identify the underlying cause of the muscular issue first and then treat the affected areas including muscles, tendons, fascia, and ligaments to reduce pain and tension and improve flexibility and mobility.

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Remedial Massage To Manage Aches And Pains

Muscle aches and pains are part of life unfortunately. A human body contains more than 600 muscles that perform many important functions such as movement, providing stability, supporting joints, digesting food and the list goes on. Any type of stress, incorrect posture, injury, or infection in any of the major muscle groups can trigger aches

Do You Need A Remedial Or Deep Tissue Massage?

Complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) have become very popular forms healthcare in Melbourne in the last few decades. Many people who prefer alternative medicines believe that conventional interventions can be doing more harm than good. Massage therapy is one of the alternative treatments that is commonly used by patients who suffer from musculoskeletal problems such

Fibromyalgia, What Is It?

‘Fibromyalgia’, ‘Fibrositis’ or ‘Fibromyalgia Syndrome’ refers to a disease that causes pain in the soft tissues and muscles of the body. The word “Fibromyalgia” is derived from three Latin words i.e. ‘fibro’ which means fibrous tissues, ‘myo’ means muscle and ‘algos’ means pain. It was first introduced by a researcher Mohammed Yunus in 1981 in

Headache Treatment, How We Can Help

For more than 6 million Aussies who suffer from common headaches and migraines, taking pain-relieving medications can seem like the only option for relief. As there are so many different types of headaches and so many contributing factors headaches can be very hard to treat and manage. Whether the underlying cause of the headache is

Managing & Treating Many Different Muscular Disorders

Many massage services provide a generic treatment protocol, however with remedial massage we tailor our treatment for you. After an initial assessment, our remedial massage therapist decides on an individualised treatment plan to deal with the presenting issue/s. Our treatment can help to resolve present issues and can also be used as a maintenance treatment to reduce the risk of the issue recurring.

Muscular Recovery

The main benefit of remedial massage is that it helps speed up our bodies own recovery process. This is really important for active individuals as it can reduce downtime and keep you active for longer. Remedial massage therapists work on the soft tissues that have become restricted, knotted, or damaged as a result of strenuous exercise or sporting activity. They use specialised manual techniques to promote healing and minimise recovery time.

Increased Flexibility and Joint Mobility

Individuals that experience chronic conditions such as lower back pain, shoulder issues, sciatica and arthritis can get a lot of relief from remedial massage. Our remedial massage therapists use gentle mobilisation and stretching techniques to release stiff muscles, improve circulation, and ease the tension. This not only increases joint mobility and improves flexibility; it also helps reduce pain and stiffness.

remedial massage brunswickHelp With Postural Issues

Our modern sedentary lifestyle is believed to the be the major cause of physical pain and many other muscular and psychological issues that affect many people these days. We use a number of techniques that lengthen restricted muscles to relieve tension, balance and realign the body, and improve the posture.

Stress Reduction | Massage Melbourne

For many modern workers, remedial massage can provide a substantial reduction in stress, fatigue and anxiety. This in turn allows you to get a better quality of sleep which improves mental focus and concentration and enables you to think clearer, make better decisions, and become more productive.

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