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What Can Myotherapy Treat?

remedial massage melbourne

Muscle pain and dysfunction is extremely common in the modern world, however it can be easily avoided or treated. Myotherapy is an excellent option for treating muscular pain as it is non-invasive, drug free and a completely natural treatment option.  What Is Myotherapy? Myotherapy (myo meaning muscle) is a specialised field of massage therapy that […]

Stretches For Knee Pain

knee pain

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to suffer from knee pain, it can happen to anyone. As it most often affects people who participate in sports, especially running, it is often termed “Runner’s Knee”. The medical terminology is “patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)” which refers to any form of dull, achy pain experienced around […]

Neck Pain? Remedial Massage Can Help…

remedial massage for neck pain

Neck pain is very common in the modern world due to long periods or inactivity and screen time. It can be an indication that the muscles, joints, nerves, or any other structure of the neck area may be injured, strained, or not functioning optimally. About 1 in 10 people in Australia suffer from neck pain […]

What Is Cupping? What Can It Treat?

the history of cupping

Cupping is a form of natural therapy that involves placing plastic or glass cups on the skin and creating suction using either heat (fire) or a mechanical device (manual or electrical pumps). It is clinically proven to facilitate the natural healing process, relieve muscular pain, increase blood flow and in some cases, help with insomnia. […]

Remedial Massage Benefits

remedial massage

Remedial massage is different to other types of massage as it provides many additional benefits such as correcting and managing postural issues, increasing sports performance and reducing / eliminating physical pain and dysfunction. Remedial massage can provide fast temporary pain relief but remedial massage therapists also concentrate on finding and addressing the cause/s of the […]

How Remedial Massage Can Help With Back Pain

remedial massage for back pain

Back pain is extremely common in Australia, with 1 out of 6 Australians experiencing chronic back pain at some point in their life. Data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that more than 3.7 million Australians currently suffer from some form of back issue. Back pain is also considered the leading cause of […]