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What Services Does Entegra Health

Entegra Health Is a natural therapies clinic based in Parkville servicing the Melbourne, Brunswick, Carlton and Parkville Community. We provide myotherapy, remedial massage, deep tissue, cupping, sports and hot stones massage. All of our therapists are fully qualified and registered with the major health funds. We pride ourselves on providing you with individualised, high quality care and educating you with home stretches and exercises to manage your own physical health.

5 Benefits of Remedial Massage

Most people are aware that massage makes us feel good, but there is also a lot of research that suggests massage not only has positive effects on our physical health but also on our mental and emotional health.

Stress reduction

Remedial massage has been proven to reduce physical and emotional stress. It affects neurohormones that are known to regulate behaviour and emotions, it also decreases cortisol levels. These changes have mood-enhancing benefits and have additional effects like reducing anxiety and depression, improve sleep and boost energy levels.

Supporting immunity

Remedial massage has been found to stimulate the lymph system (which assists the body’s waste removal), boost lymphocytes (white blood cells that help protect our body from disease) and reduce levels of cytokines (molecules help with inflammation). This enhances the effectiveness of our body’s immune system.

Help with postural issues

Modern humans spend a majority of their day seated, this leads increased muscular strain that often causes pain in our neck, shoulders and lower back. Remedial massage can release tight muscles that are causing postural imbalances.

Improved flexibility and joint mobility

Many people experiencing pain of any kind have reduced flexibility and mobility. This reduced range of movement is often caused by muscular tension surrounding the joints. Remedial massage uses a number of stretching techniques that help to release the muscles and ease tension. This helps to reduce the pain and increase the range of motion.

Improves sleep

Sleep is crucial for our bodies to function effectively. These days many people don’t get enough sleep or even experience sleep disorders such as insomnia. By reducing muscle tension, improving circulation and reducing stress hormone levels, remedial massage can be a drug-free natural way to promote a good night’s sleep.

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