We provide a wide range of physical health services. Here is a brief outline of some of the service we offer.

Remedial Massage | Health Centre Services

Remedial massageHealth Centre Services is a modality of manual therapy that uses a combination of hands-on techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, sports/deep tissue massage, stretching, and corrective home exercises to treat and manage a number of injuries and musculoskeletal issues.

It can be used  as an effective addition to preventive, corrective, and rehabilitative programs and helps to restore and maintain the natural processes and the health of the muscles of our body.

Pregnancy Massage | Health Centre Services

Pregnancy massage is specifically designed for mothers to be. The therapist uses specific techniques that address her specific needs without putting excess pressure around the abdominal area.

Pregnancy massage is reasonably similar to regular Swedish or relaxation massage. All our therapists are highly trained and understand the specific requirements and potential complications of expectant mothers.

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

Sports MassageSports massage is a variation within the massage industry that focuses on muscles and trigger points to work on breaking down adhesions that are produced by doing excessive physical activities. Sports massage is a  specialised therapy that is used pre and post training and event for athletes participating in highly level games and sports events. Sports massage can also support individuals to increase fitness, performance, shorten recovery time, and help reduce the damaging effects of sports on the body.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional boxer, swimmer, weight lifter, tennis player, dancer or skater, sports massage is able to help you improve your overall performance, prevent injury, shorten recovery time, encourage focus, and reduce pain from an injury.


Cupping is a technique that originates in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping is done by placing depressurised small inverted cups (made of glass, fiber, or plastic) onto muscles of the body. The vacuum is created by using a suction pump or burning cottons dipped in alcohol. The underlying soft tissues are raised into the cup as a result of the vacuum and as a result increases circulation and stretches the muscles. Cupping therapy is often said to be the opposite of massage therapy. With massage, a downward force is applied to the muscles, whereas in cupping the tissue is pulled and stretched.