Stress – a silent killer in today’s workplace is always busy depleting your employees energy levels, shaking their confidence, adversely affecting their productivity, and most importantly damaging them physically, mentally, socially, and physiologically. Furthermore, high levels of stress in employees can lead to higher rates of absenteeism and employee turnover, seriously jeopardising the profitability of your company. Several studies have shown that workplace stress costs the Australian economy an estimated $14.81 billion a year and the “workplace” is cited as the number one source of stress by a majority of Australians. Although it is almost impossible to keep all of your employees relaxed every minute of the workday, there are a multitude of strategies that you as an employer can adopt to reduce stress levels in your workplace, an important one being the use of corporate massage – which is relatively easy and inexpensive to implement. If you are unaware of corporate massage, what is it and what its benefits are, read below for some further information.

What is it? | Corporate Massage Melbourne

Corporate massage also referred to as “chair massage” or “workplace massage” is a type of relaxation massage that is offered to the employees as an incentive or healthcare resource by the employer/company through a professional massage therapist or a company.

Corporate massage is typically a 10-30 minute treatment given to the employees usually on a portable massage chair or worker’s desk by a professional massage therapist. There is no need to get undressed or leave the workplace. The corporate massage therapists mostly work on the head, neck, shoulder, and upper back region of the body to help with fatigue, induce relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve alertness. Depending on your needs corporate massage can be offered to the employees on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

How Can it Benefit the Organisation

Reducing stress in your workplace is an ongoing process, incorporating onsite corporate massage therapy in your organisation is a great way to combat workplace tension, stress, and anxiety. If you are thinking about offering corporate massage to your employees/workforce, you probably want to know what’s in it for you and your employees. So, what can corporate massage bring to the table for you and your employees:

Benefits of Corporate Massage for the Employees:

  • reduces stress, fatigue, and anxiety
  • relieves muscle tension, soreness, and pain
  • improves posture
  • improves concentration
  • soothes the nerves
  • relieves the symptoms of repetitive strain injuries
  • strengthens immunity
  • promotes creative thinking
  • increase alertness and energy

Benefits of Corporate Massage for the Employer/organization:

  • increases employee productivity
  • increases employee retention
  • improves employee morale
  • attracts top talent
  • decreases worker’s compensation claims
  • reduces healthcare costs
  • improves the mental and physical health of employees

The bottom line is that corporate massage is an excellent health incentive for your employees whether they are performing a sedentary desk job or engaged in intense physical activities. It makes them feel that the employer cares about them and is taking care of them.

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