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pregnancy massage parkvilleA pregnancy massage also known as maternity massage is actually an umbrella term that describes any kind of hands-on massage offered to a pregnant woman during (prenatal) or after (postnatal) phase of the pregnancy. This type of massage is specifically designed for expectant mothers and utilises specialised techniques that accommodate her specific needs without causing any harm to the baby.

Although in many ways, it is very similar to a regular Swedish or relaxation massage, it is usually offered by well-trained massage therapists who understand the specific requirements and potential complications of expectant mothers.

Pregnancy massage therapists have a good understanding of the anatomy and physiology of a woman’s body and are very familiar with the ongoing changes that occur from conception through to the post-natal period. They work with extreme caution and use specially designed pillows and tables to ensure no harm is done to the baby or mother-to-be.

The Benefits

Many modern women are stressed out, taking care of their family responsibilities as well as catering to the increasing pressure of a fast-paced workplace simultaneously. Add to this the extra pressure that they have to bear during pregnancy. This is the reason, modern mums-to-be now realise that their wellness is crucial especially during their pregnancy. This increased awareness has led to tremendous growth and demand for pregnancy massage in Australia and many other developed countries of the world. Pregnancy massage offers a wide range of psychological, emotional, and physiological benefits. So, what makes it so special:

  • it helps reduce back pain and joint pain
  • it helps lowers stress and anxiety levels
  • it helps soothes tight knots
  • it prepares the body for labor and birth
  • it helps improves blood circulation
  • it increases energy levels
  • it improves sleep
  • it helps alleviate pregnancy-related heartburn and nausea
  • it also helps maintain good posture
  • it helps adjust the body to the changing alignment caused by baby’s increasing weight
  • it helps enhance the pliability of skin and underlying tissues
  • it even helps in the management of digestive complaints such as indigestion, constipation, nausea, and gas

Women who are classified as having a high-risk pregnancy should recceive advice from their doctor before coming in for pregnancy massage.

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