Remedial Massage, How Does It Work?

Massage is an effective form of treatment that has been used by humans for centuries to promote health and well-being. Over the years, massage therapy has evolved, both in terms of modalities and efficacy. Today it has become an integral part of the modern health industry. Remedial massage has gained a lot of respect and

Remedial Massage To Manage Aches And Pains

Muscle aches and pains are part of life unfortunately. A human body contains more than 600 muscles that perform many important functions such as movement, providing stability, supporting joints, digesting food and the list goes on. Any type of stress, incorrect posture, injury, or infection in any of the major muscle groups can trigger aches

Do You Need A Remedial Or Deep Tissue Massage?

Complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) have become very popular forms healthcare in Melbourne in the last few decades. Many people who prefer alternative medicines believe that conventional interventions can be doing more harm than good. Massage therapy is one of the alternative treatments that is commonly used by patients who suffer from musculoskeletal problems such

Fibromyalgia, What Is It?

‘Fibromyalgia’, ‘Fibrositis’ or ‘Fibromyalgia Syndrome’ refers to a disease that causes pain in the soft tissues and muscles of the body. The word “Fibromyalgia” is derived from three Latin words i.e. ‘fibro’ which means fibrous tissues, ‘myo’ means muscle and ‘algos’ means pain. It was first introduced by a researcher Mohammed Yunus in 1981 in

Headache Treatment, How We Can Help

For more than 6 million Aussies who suffer from common headaches and migraines, taking pain-relieving medications can seem like the only option for relief. As there are so many different types of headaches and so many contributing factors headaches can be very hard to treat and manage. Whether the underlying cause of the headache is

Back Pain Treatment – Remedial Massage

Humans have made major leaps in medical science in the last few decades, however finding a cure for back pain seems like an impossible mission sometimes. Although many temporary solutions are available, no one particular treatment has ever been shown to resolve most cases. The numbers of people suffering from back pain are on the

Apps To Help You Manage Your Health

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as simple as eating a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet, being active, and getting the right amount of exercise and sleep. Unfortunately, performing these simple tasks can seem challenging at times. Thankfully these days there are hundreds of mobile apps out there that claim to help millions of health-conscious people

What Is Hot Stones Massage?

Stones were among the first tools used by humans. Precious stones such as ornate, sapphire, ruby, were used for beautification purposes. Some cultures even used hot stones to alter the temperature of the body for healing purposes. Though the history of using heated stones and gemstones as an adjunct to body work dates back thousands

Massage | The History

Massage has been an integral part of the global healthcare system for centuries. Records from the 17th and 18th centuries for example indicate that Japanese massage therapists walked the streets, beating drums and playing flutes to attract clientele. At the time, training programs were also developed and licenses issued to professional massage therapists, who gained

Headache Treatment | Remedial Massage

Experiencing the discomfort and pain of a headache is one of the most common health-related conditions in Australia. It is estimated that around 15% of the Australian population takes pain-relieving medications on a regular basis. Although headaches can affect any person regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or profession; people between the ages of 25-44 years

Cupping | What Does It Do And What Are The Benefits?

Cupping therapy is probably one of the oldest forms of manual therapy used by humans for healing purposes. It has remained an important component of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other ancient healing systems where it was used to ease pain, release toxins from the body, improve energy flow (Qi) and heal various diseases and

Remedial Massage For Stress

Today’s lifestyle demands and pressures have made us all experience some level and form of stress in our daily lives. Although stress is not always bad, it’s our body’s natural response to pressure or danger and keeps us alert and ready to face any challenging situation. But, long-term stress can have adverse effects on your

How Remedial Massage Can Help Runners

In the world of athletics in general, but running in particular, stamina, muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility are crucial to make sure you cross that finishing line and do so without injury. Running requires your muscles (particularly your leg muscles) to be in prime condition to take the sustained, repetitive muscle contractions that generate the


Neck pain refers to any kind of pain that is felt in the upper part of the spine. It can be an indication that the muscles, joints, nerves, or any other part of the neck area may be injured, strained, or not working properly. It’s so common that about 1 in 10 will suffer from

Back Pain? Remedial Massage Can Help!

Back pain is a serious issue; in fact it is one of the leading causes of workforce disability and a huge burden on healthcare expenses worldwide. Four out of five of us will suffer from back pain at some point during our lives. It is the second most common reason for visiting a doctor or


Chronic pain originating from musculoskeletal issues have become very common, thanks to the sedentary lifestyle, poor egronomics, unhealthy eating habits, and prolonged stress or anxiety. Although taking pain-killers or other OTC medications can manage the pain, it is often difficult to treat musculoskeletal pain. Patients suffering from musculoskeletal pain (such as headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain,

What Are The Different Types Of Massage

Different types of massageMassage, in its simplest form, refers to the many adaptations of touch that occur naturally; for example we instinctively start gently stroking a baby on the back to stop her from crying, we instinctively start to rub our hands together when we feel a bit cold, we naturally start to rub an aching back. As humans became aware of the power of touch, they started using it for wellness, stress relief, relaxation, as well as treatment of various physical issues. Over the course of time and as people gained knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, massage was adopted as a profession. As the popularity of massage therapy grew, individual massage therapists started developing their own new methods of massage. Today, there are more than 80 different types of massage therapy in practice throughout the world. From the classic Swedish massage to Shiatsu, we are spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing a style of massage that suits us the best. 

Here is a list of a few of the different types of massage that are widely practiced in different parts of the world.

Swedish Massage



massage melbourneSwedish massage is the most common type of massage offered at massage centres, spas, gyms, and wellness centres. It is basically a relaxation-focused massage style and is the foundation of most massage practiced today. Swedish massage therapists use a combination of the five basic strokes; i.e. effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration with less pressure and intensity and concentrate only on the superficial tissues of the skin. The basic aim of this type of massage is to ease muscular pain and promote overall relaxation. 

This type of massage is especially helpful for those who are recovering from an injury or for those who are new to massage and want to just relax and unwind. 

Deep Tissue Massage



Deep tissue massage as the name suggests is a more focused, intense, aggressive, and methodical treatment that targets the deep muscles/tissues of the body. The basic aim of this type of massage is to strip out muscle tissues in order to reach the deeper layers and work on knots or myofascial trigger points that produce pain. In doing so, the massage therapists deliberately apply more pressure and use intense strokes or friction across the grain of the muscle, which sometimes leaves you feeling sore. Sometimes experiencing a little pain is the only way to get relief from it. 

This type of massage is ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain or lingering injuries that affect their mobility.  Deep tissue massage is ideal for treating various musculoskeletal issues, such as stiff neck and upper back, sore shoulders, leg muscle tightness, low back pain, as well as sports injuries. 

Hotstone Massage



hot stone massageAlthough in many ways common to the Swedish massage, Hotstone massage uses heated basalt stones along with hand-on massage to ease muscle tension, improve blood flow and relieve pain. The combined effect of heated basalt stones and massage helps reduce stiffness and discomfort. The therapist may use these heated stones as a kneading tool or place them on key areas on the body to loosen tight (knotted) muscles and melt away tension. 

This type of massage is best for general relaxation and for releasing the tension in your back and shoulders. 

Shiatsu Massage



Shiatsu which literally means “finger pressure” is a form of Japanese bodywork. The basic aim of this type of massage is to unlock the blockages within the muscles and tissues that stop the body’s energy (known as “Qi” in Chinese medicine) from flowing freely. The disturbances in the free flow of “Qi” are believed to be the cause of stress and pain. Massage therapists use pressure with their fingers to release the tension from various parts of the body such as limbs, joints, back, legs, etc. Sometimes they also use their elbows, knees, palms, or thumbs or even their knees to work out tension from the body. 

This type of massage is ideal for treating conditions like back and neck pain, arthritis, sciatica, insomnia, and even sinus problems. 

Sports Massage



As the name suggests, this type of massage is designed for people who are physically active regardless of whether they are professional athletes or not. Sports massage therapists use a combination of Swedish massage and Shiatsu massage techniques and concentrate only on specific areas/parts of the body that are related to your sports. 

Physically active people receive this type of massage before or after the event to enhance their field performance and prevent any sports-related injuries. In addition to this, sports massage can also be used to treat some sports-related injuries, improve flexibility and speed up the recovery process. People who do not participate in any sports can also benefit from this type of massage as it can help in muscle pain and restricted range of motion. 

Thai Massage



thai massageUnlike all the other different types of massage techniques mentioned above, Thai massage is different in the sense that it does not use the relaxing kneading and gliding motions to relieve pain and tension, rather this type of massage uses stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques similar to yogic moves to produce the desired results. This is the reason, Thai massage is sometimes also referred to as “Yoga massage”. Another aspect that makes Thai massage different than other forms of massage therapies is that you remain fully clothed during the massage sessions. 

Since this type of massage involves intense stretching, rocking, and pulling, it is ideal for those who want to improve their flexibility and range of motion.

There are many other different types of massage therapies practiced in different parts of the world that offer an array of physical, physiological, and mental health benefits beyond simple relaxation.

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