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Director | Remedial Massage Therapist

Rani graduated with a Diploma of Remedial Massage from The Australian College of Massage, Melbourne, and has seven years’ experience in Remedial Massage, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy clinical settings. Rani is a Senior Member of the Association of Massage Therapists.
Previously, Rani worked as an Archaeologist throughout regional Australia, in predominantly Indigenous cultural heritage for small-large development projects. As such, she understands the demands of a busy work/life schedule, and the need for optimum health and wellbeing.
Rani incorporates diverse massage methods including: deep tissue, trigger point therapy, relaxation massage, stretching and cupping techniques. She is particularly passionate about the role of massage therapy for preventative health, and overall physical and mental health support.
Rani grew up in country Victoria/New South Wales. She loves the outdoors, animals, bonfires, music, writing, and books. She’s proudly considered herself a local for the last 11 years.
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Remedial Massage Therapist

Chloe graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne in 2016, majoring in Physiology. Seeking hands on experience, and greater knowledge of the human body and its function, Chloe furthered her studies completing a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2019.
With a high interest in human anatomy, particularly the benefits of soft tissue therapy to alleviate pain and discomfort; Chloe is enjoying her journey in the Allied Health Industry.
Chloe utilises a wide variety of techniques during her treatments including: deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release techniques, stretching and cupping therapy.
Outside of massage, Chloe enjoys Pilates, yoga, going to the beach and taking care of her many indoor house plants!
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Phil completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage at The Australian Institute of Natural Therapies & his Myotherapy Advanced Diploma at the Victorian College of Healthcare Education. He has also completed Studies in Myofascial Dry Needling, Low Level Laser Therapy, Advanced Cupping & Myofascial Release.
Phil has worked in both the clinical and corporate sectors of the health industry. With over 20 years of clinical experience he has acquired a broad knowledge of muscular issues and injuries, and is experienced in treating a wide range of postural problems.
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Remedial Massage Therapist

Shuet is  a passionate Remedial Massage Therapist who graduated with a Diploma of Remedial Massage from Melbourne Institute of Massage and Myotherapy. Shuet is a member of the Massage & Myotherapy Association, Australia and has over three years’ professional massage experience.

Originally from a fast-paced environment in Asia,  Shuet appreciates the benefits of massage therapy for wellbeing, stress and tension reduction.

Shuet is passionate about supporting your treatment goals, and tailors each treatment accordingly. Whether this is to increase joint range of motion, reduced pain, or simply to reduce stress. Shuet is particularly interested in chronic muscoskeletal conditions due to poor postural, or over-use habits.

Shuet incorporates varies techniques into her treatments, including: deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, cupping, stretching, myofacial release technique, trigger point therapy and Oriental(accupressure) massage.
Outside of work, Shuet is a keen traveller and loves to experience cuisines around the world. She also enjoys hiking, walking, swimming, cooking  and patting her cat, Maxi, in her free time.
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Remedial Massage Therapist

Georgie graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University with a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and is a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia.

With an interest in health and wellbeing from a young age, and a keen equestrian – Georgie’s passion for massage therapy is strengthened by her horse riding training; which she believes has been integral in her understanding of the importance of posture, strength and balance throughout daily life.

With a background in the busy world of hospitality, Georgie combines this experience with a growing appreciation of mind-body awareness, and is highly interested in the connection between lifestyle, posture, and movement.

Georgie approaches massage therapy intuitively, and aims to facilitate greater awareness with corrective exercises and education. She is passionate about providing clients with an increased sense of capability and trust in their body.

Georgie grew up in country New south Wales and loves to travel, backpack, and trek through mountains!

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What Is A Remedial Massage Therapist?

The word “remedial” is derived from the Latin term “remedium”, meaning “cure, medicine”. The term “remedial massage” otherwise known as “medical massage” or “sports massage” refers to the systematic assessment and treatment of soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues) of the body with an aim to relieve sore muscles, improve posture and flexibility and prevent injury.

While remedial massage can be used independently as a therapeutic massage for the prevention and management of soft tissue injuries, some health professionals effectively use it for the purpose of relaxing the body and mind and for enhancing athletic performance.

What Can A Remedial Massage Therapist Help With?

From releasing tension to relieving chronic pain and increasing mobility, the list of benefits associated with regular remedial massage is a long one. Some of the major issues that can be effectively treated with remedial massage are as under:

  • Postural issues/injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Joint pain and discomfort
  • Chronic pain from repeated injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lower back pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Frozen shoulder


There is simply no better way to relax and unwind your creaky muscles than to go for a quick massage session. However, there is one problem: how to find out which type of massage is most suitable for your body and your needs. The decision whether you are better off getting a quick Swedish massage or you need a more intense remedial massage can be very confusing especially when you have no clue of the different forms of massages available and their potential benefits. Since remedial massage is considered to be one of the most useful styles of massage currently available, so, what is a remedial massage therapist? What is it good for? What are some of the main benefits of remedial massage? How is it different from other forms of massages?

What Are Some Of The Main Benefits Of Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage is particularly beneficial in eliminating or reducing pain and restoring normal muscle/joint function; however, besides these, there are many other good reasons for making regular remedial massage an essential part of your daily life. Let us have a look at some of the main benefits that are associated with regular remedial massage:

  • improves alertness and attention
  • increases blood flow and oxygen, particularly to the affected/treated area
  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • strengthens body’s natural immune system
  • improves athletic performance and reduces the risk of sports injury
  • eases insomnia
  • improves posture
  • improves flexibility and range of motion

How Is It Different From Other Forms Of Massages?

In order to completely understand the basic healing philosophy behind remedial massage, it is important to find out how does it differ from other forms of massages. Now that you have a good understanding of what a remedial massage therapist does, it is time to highlight these differences.

While the basic purpose and aim of any type of massage is to relax the body and mind, remedial massage is different from other forms of massages as it combines assessment with treatment. A detailed assessment is important as it helps the therapist to address the root cause of the problem and offer permanent relief. Therefore, before starting a remedial massage session, your remedial massage therapist will have a detailed discussion about your medical history and may also perform some postural, range of motion, and some other specialised tests to completely understand the issue before offering appropriate treatment plan.

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