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We offer massage vouchers for all of our services in Melbourne. We are paperless, all of our vouchers are sent to you or the recipient directly via an email pdf file. If you enter the recipients email address they will receive the voucher immediately or if the recipient email address is left blank the pdf will be sent directly to you and you can print it out or forward it on.

The Perfect Gift To Show You Care!

Why buy a massage voucher?

  • Receive voucher instantly via pdf email
  • Perfect for friends, family, workmates etc
  • Wide range of options available starting at $75

Why Entegra?

We are much more than just a relaxation massage clinic. We provide remedial massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage or even some of our more unique massage styles cupping with remedial massage.

Relaxation Massage Relaxation massage is great for those clients who just want to unwind and relax. We use a lighter pressure and don’t treat any specific condition.

Deep Tissue Massage / Sports Massage  are types of massage that target the soft tissues and trigger points of the body in order to break down adhesions in the muscles that are caused by too much physical activity.

Hot Stone Massage is great for loosening up tense muscles. We place heated stones on your tight muscles to help warm them up before and after massage. A very relaxing session.

Pregnancy Massage This type of massage is specifically designed for expectant mothers and utilises specialised techniques that accommodate her specific needs without causing any harm to the baby.

Remedial Massage is a form of manual therapy within the Allied health profession that relies on a combination of hands-on techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching, and corrective exercises for the assessment and treatment of a number of injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Cupping is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves placing small inverted cups (made of glass, fiber, or plastic) onto muscles of the body. A vacuum is created inside these cups by using small suction pumps or by burning cotton or any other flammable material. As a result of this suction, the underlying soft tissues are raised into the cup. The purpose of treatment is to increase circulation and stretch the muscles. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, lack of movement of fluids (energy) is considered to be the cause of pain and other health imbalances.

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