remedial massage melbourneRunners who participate in marathons go through various rigorous training and exercises in order to strengthen their body muscles and build stamina. During these training sessions, the runners push their body muscles to the extremes which sometimes results in tightening of leg and foot muscles, shortening of muscle fibers, and decreased circulation to the compressed tissues. The remedial massage therapists working at remedial massage Melbourne clinics know very well how to relieve the muscle tightness, improve blood circulation to the compressed tissues, elongate the muscles, and restore range of motion.

Benefits Of Remedial Massage For The Runners

Remedial massage offered at remedial massage Melbourne clinics will not only improve your field performance, it will also help prevent the occurrence of such sports injuries and if they do occur, it will even help you recover faster. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by getting regular massage sessions from an expert remedial massage therapist:

  • Helps in removal of toxic waste products from the body
  • Dilates blood vessels which help in improved blood circulation and lowering of blood pressure
  • Helps improve pulmonary function by loosening tight muscles in the torso
  • Helps in returning deoxygenated blood back to the heart (venous blood flow)
  • Improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the RBCs
  • Improves/increases range of motion
  • Improves the damaged tissue healing process
  • Reduces muscle fatigue, pain, and soreness

Although occasional massage is good, if you want to enjoy maximum benefits of remedial massage, you need to make sure to visit remedial massage Melbourne clinics on a regular basis. For runners doing 20-30 Kms per week, one session of remedial massage per month is recommended, however, if you are doing more than 30Kms per week, you should have a remedial massage session fortnightly.

The next Melbourne Marathon is just around the corner if you want to outsmart your competitors on the running track, make sure to book in an hour-long remedial massage at remedial massage Melbourne center near you.

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